Belong Enterprise Refill able and Adjustable Flame Multi Function Plastic and Carbon Steel Kitchen BBQ Gas Lighter,Pack of -1 (Multicolour)


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● Color: Multicolor (in Assorted Colors), Material: Plastic
● A truly multi purpose flame lighter for every household use – even beyond
● Enhanced Safety – with extra child lock protection. Keep it locked when not in use
● Now light effortlessly – your Candles, your Agarbattis, your Puja lamps, your mosquito coils, your Barbeques and of course your Gas stoves
● Brand Name : Kehma Enterprise.


2 in stock

Belong Enterprise Gas Lighter for Kitchen and Barbecue, Multicolour

press Button to ignite

hold the Button down to maintain gas flame

release the Button to extinguish

to adjust flame, move the lever toward(+)for higher flame and towards(-)for a lower flame

Product Description

Shaped like a gun, these bright colored gas lighters are the perfect alternative to match-sticks and hard-to-control lighters

Lock and unlock switch, can maintain flow of flame by + to – switch

Long life of gas,now light effortlessly – your candles, your agarbattis, your puja lamps, your mosquito coils, your barbeques and of course your gas stoves

Refillable and adjustable flame gas kitchen lighter