DeoDap Networking Crimping Tool


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● The mouth of the press-pliers is made of high quality steel. It won’t damage the shelled-wire when crimping.
● Hard and durable enough to crimp the network cables for using magnetic steel
● Crimp tool has metal construction with plastic handles.
● This is the perfect tool to use to create custom network cables.
● Cut & strip by one operation Easy & effective.


3 in stock

Product Description

DeoDap Networking Crimping Tool

DeoDap Networking RJ45 Crimp Tool lets you cut, strip and crimp Ethernet and telephone cables

Fast Modular-crimp connection creates precise and even trim on RJ11/12 and RJ45 with our precision crimping tool. for data, HD video, and voice-over applications.

The Compact Crimper provides fast, reliable connector termination for voice and data applications. This all-in-one tool, cuts, strips, and crimps data and voice cables. Its direct lateral crimp action provides more even, precise contact termination across all pins than ordinary indirect crimp too

Networking Crimping Tool

Durability & Compatibility

* Durability

Heavy duty crimping tool is designed with a non-slip grip, a razor for easy wire cutting, and a die head assembly. All to ensure a simple to use, top of the line crimping tool.

* Compatibility

Compatible with all RJ45 & Pass-through RJ45 CAT6 shielded & un-shielded connectors, RJ45 CAT5E connectors, and RJ11/12 connectors (not AMP).

Networking Crimping Tool

High Performance

Fast Modular-crimp connection Creates precise and even trim on RJ11/12 and RJ45 with our precision crimping tool.

Crimping Tool

Heavy Duty Crimp Tool

Heavy Duty Crimp Tool

Our Crimping tool is made with heavy duty steel for durability, strength, and delivering more torque during the crimping cycles. Trims and cuts with much less force compared to many tools.

* 3 Iin1 Multifunctional

Crimping Tool, Wire Stripper and Wire Cutter.

Crimping Tool

Premium Quality

Networking Crimping Tool has a Sturdy Design and is Made of High Quality, Durable Materials that will last a lifetime.

Networking Crimping Tool


– All inclusive tool cuts, strips and crimps data and voice cables

– Compact, ergonomic design for natural, single-hand operation

– Cut and strip flat cable by one option

– Functions for 8P/RJ-45 and 6P/RJ-12, RJ-11

– All steel construction for long term durability

– Crimps two sizes of plugs

– Built-in cutter and stripper

– Precision ground

– Compact size, easy to handle

– Ratchet mechanism to keep tool closed when not in use


* It’s Universal

You don’t need to look different types of crimpers. All in one tool.

* It’s Easy and Safe to Use

You can make any work super well done in 5 minutes.

* It’s Durable

All Carbon Steel Construction for Longevity.

* How to use it:

There is a detailed instruction on the back cover of the package. You will know how to use crimping tool for:

1. Cutting modular cable

2. Stripping modular cable(Flat cable)

3. Stripping round cable

Networking Crimping Tool

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