Dewberries Pill Case- 4 Row 28 Squares Weekly 7 Days Tablet Box Holder Medicine Storage Organizer Container


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● ✅ Pill Box has 28 separate compartments to hold the pills or tablets for each day of the week.
● ✅ Each compartment lid has a raised lip in the middle for easy opening.
● ✅ This is a large box, ideal for people who need to store & track lots of medicine.
● ✅ This helps keep track of medicines you take at different times of the day.
● ✅ You can see your pills and tablets easily in this pastel coloured pill box.


3 in stock

Product Description

This Pill box is ideal for anyone who needs to track their medicine usage each day and gives visual indication if the medicine has been taken or not. This can also be used to store 4 weeks of medicine for any one taking their medicine once a day. This also saves time when taking medicines, as the medicines can be filled for a week or 4 weeks depending on frequency of your medication.This optimum sized reminder pillbox helps organizing your daily medications for the whole week into morning evening slots. This is especially useful while traveling where routines are often disturbed. Even as a daily routine, it is convenient to refill the box once a week for easy doze administration.



Helps keep track of medicines you take different times in a day and easy to keep in a purse or bag.

Dispenser case for small stationery like clips, pins, rubber bands, jewellery, small tools, pendants, chains, earrings, rings, memory cards, novelty mini box, useful, compact.

  • Very useful detachable compartments for seven days, day and night. Easy Snap-on lids – easy pill organizing into AM/PM
  • Each day of the week has a different vivid color, Take the day’s box out of the frame to carry the pills for the morning or afternoon with you
  • Easy Scoop design plastic with one side round bottom for easy pill removal
  • See- through lids (translucent) that can be easily snapped down for a spill-proof fit





  • Ezy Dose products make living healthier simply easier, Many products endorsed by the Foundation


EASY USE: Push buttons and rounded bottoms, Makes pill organizer easy to open and medication easy to retrieve


  • AM/PM compartments help you to easily plan and distribute your daily doses

  • Each compartment lid has a raised lip in the middle for easy opening and snap securely shut. Prerna multipurpose medicine box organizer/vitamins pill box organizer contain 4 section, 28 shelf, weekly basis, storage box for home, kids, babies, older people having compact design
  • Pill box comes on a tray has 28 separate compartments to hold the medicines for each day of the week. Printed each day and 4 times of each every day in a week. Individual slots for morning, afternoon, evening and night