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● Mini Aluminum Alloy Bicycle pump barrel, ULTRA DURABLE design and EASY TO CARRY. The bike pump is small enough to easily fit in your bike bag too. You will be able to deal with a flat tire outside anywhere and anytime. Kitbest Mini bike floor pump is one of the most powerful lightweight bicycle Floor pumps available.
● For Car, Bikes, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Rafts, baloons Basketball, Football and other sports balls. Ball And Bladder Needles Included For Filling Air In Sports Ball Durability. Light And Handy Over sized handles provide comfort Strong Steel Handle
● Inflation Speed – Maximum Pressure 160 psi. The extra long hose with 360 degree pivot will make your pumping easier.
● Accurate and Extra Large Gauge – The large gauge is easy to read and will help you to set your desired pressure. Stable and Durable: Aluminum barrel with ergonomically designed comfortable handle.


3 in stock

Product Description

DeoDap High Pressure Deluxe/Strong Steel Air Pump

DeoDap bicycle pump, made of aluminum alloy, equipped with anti-freeze air pipe, durable and rustproof.

Fold able handle design, small size, equipped with mounting bracket for easy carrying.

With foot pedal design, non-slip and makes it easy to pump .

The products with ball inflatable needles and balloon needles, which can easily inflate some children’s toys, bicycles, swimming ring basketball and volleyball.

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High Pressure Deluxe/Strong Steel Air Pump

Ultra lightweight and a full range of accessories: it is almost weightless and extremely compact that can be attached to the bike frame under the water bottle cage with the mounting bracket. Accessories include gas needle to inflate the sports balls, mounting bracelet to attach the pump on the bike, rubber binding strap to fix the tube, glueless puncture repair kit to be prepared for a flat tire anywhere and user manual

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Air Pump

Air Pump


Ultra-light material, small size, only 9 oz,can be attached to the bike frame under the water bottle cage with the mounting bracket.easy to carry.


Using high-quality aluminum alloy and precise parts,durable and long lasting. Surface blasting height treatment, embedded hose, can avoid damage to the nozzle when it is stored.

Large Handle and Stable Base

Stable, durable base and over sized handle make this floor pump easy to inflate tire to high pressure

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High Vol vs. High Pressure

Floor Air pumps are specifically designed to inflate tires fast. Their high-vol, wide-barrel design pushes more air with each stroke to quickly inflate the wider tires found on most cruiser, mountain, BMX and kids bikes.

Floor Air pumps are designed for inflation of all types of bike tires. Their tall, thin-barrel design provides less resistance, making it easy to inflate cruiser, mountain, BMX and kids’ wide tires as well as the thinner, high-pressure tires found on road and commuter bikes.

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Additional Features

Bicycle pumps inflate bicycle tires, but they’re also used for all kinds of other inflation jobs like pumping up sports balls, toys and rafts. That’s why most Bell pumps include a bonus ball needle and inflation cone that store conveniently right on the hose.


  • Max Pressure: 160 psi
  • Valve Type: Twin valve head design can fit both Presta and Schrader

Air Pump

DeoDap High Pressure Deluxe/Strong Steel Air Pump

High Pressure Steel Air Pump is the perfect bicycle floor pump for anyone.

Newly designed Valve Head switches between Presta and Schrader valves easily and without any air leaks.

The long steel barrel allows more air to be pushed through with each pump making it easier and faster to pump.