iNSUREā„¢ Mundal Hand Press Manual Water Pump Dispenser for Bottled Drinking Water


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ā— Convenient to use with all Universal 19-20 and 25 Ltr bottles
ā— nnovative & Simple working system. Hygienic and lasts a long time.
ā— Easy attachment and detachment with simple use & Transparent Middle Part
ā— Made of plastic which complies with food packing regulations. Spring will not get rust or break like metal springs.
ā— No dripping, No leakage.


Out of stock

ADJUSTABLE DEPTH Adjustable and bendable tube system 3 upper supply pumps for different bottles sizes (Small / Medium / Large) Hygiene New fastner design keep all the working parts inside Discharge spout with a sanitary cap to keep unwanted germs away Go Green Manually operated BPA material (Non-Toxic Plastic / No Bisphenola-A / No Phthalates) How to use: Clean the pump and tubes, boiled water for 3 minutes would be best. Connect the tubes, 2 or 3 ones according to the height of your water jug. Connect the tubes and the pump,and push the pump to neck of the bottle. Adjust the locking nut to tighten to secure pump to bottle and create a proper vacuum. FEATURES & BENEFITS Soft, Gentle press system making it Comfortable for elders & kids BPA Food grade Virgin Plastic ensures safe Drinking water Adjustable Neck settings allows it to fit on standard Bubbletop cans Easy to assemble & Quick to clean Anti-dirt & Anti-splash cap for nozzles assuring hygiene quotient No more lifting of Water Cans/ Fix it directly on cans