Kamani Retail Mesh Ventilation Back Rest with Lumbar Support


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● Product features: . This lumbar cushion made of elastic, wire frame and nylon nets
● The beads help massage your back, much less pressures while driving or working. Mesh material allows air circulation to keep you cool
● Attaches by elastic, applicable for any seats with back. Material: elastic, steel wire frame and nylon nets
● Attractive pricing
● Reliable performance


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Mesh Ventilation Back Rest with Lumbar Support Driving for hours at a stretch can not only be tiring but painful and uncomfortable as well. The Mesh Ventilation Back Rest with Lumbar Support provides you with relief in such cases while also offering solid support to the lumbar region. This comes in a breathable mesh fabric that prevents too much of sweating upon constantly sitting against it. Besides, this can also be attached to your chair at office to make the corporate desk work a little less painful. Product Highlights :– Breathable mesh built The back rest with lumbar support comes built with a breathable mesh fabric that allows airflow, keeping you sweat-free and comfortable. The fabric is also not very stiff or rough, thereby offering a soft and soothing touch against your back. So rest your back with absolute comfort and drive restfully. Arched design for lumbar support People often tend to slouch when they are seating on a place for very long. This causes numerous health issues. The back rest features a perfectly arched design to provide support to your lumbar region and keeps it in its natural position. Elastic straps for a tight fit The back rest comes with elastic straps to attach it to a car seat, sofa or chair. The elastic straps are very durable and do not lose their elasticity quickly. Given its flexible nature, this product can fit on any chair. Also, the straps allow easy installation and removal as well. Beaded pad for a better feel The middle region of the back rest comes with a beaded pad. This pad gently massages your back as you drive or rest on the chair with the pad attached. It provides great comfort and relief as you venture out on long drives. Sturdy construction To ensure that the back rest with lumbar support maintains its original shape and structure, it comes with a very stiff and sturdy construction. The shape or the arch does

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