Magical Spinning Broom™

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Magical Spinning Broom™

This Magical Spinning Broom™ clean up everything you run it over without using any electricity or batteries. No more re-positioning dust pan, simply push this broom in a vacuum like manner to easily clean up all messes including fine sand or large pieces of Garbage.

  • Broom, dustpan, and trash bin… all in one!
  • Adjustable handle making cleaning very convenient
  • 360 degree rotating brush with high-speed rotation to pick up everything!
  • Easy to use, even for children
  • No batteries or electricity required!
  • Clean Dust Particles

This Magical Spinning Broom™ has 2 spinning brushes to capture dust and garbage with a third roller brush underneath to ensure nothing is left behind.

Once your floor is clean, the sweeper can be emptied quickly and easily with a rear mounted dust pan compartment.

The sweeper has an extendable handle and a 360° rotating body for easy maneuverability. It’s big enough to really grab the dirt and particles from the ground, but it’s also compact enough to be smaller than any other broom.

The handle is fully adjustable for height and length, which makes it perfect to reach almost everywhere. It also makes it easier for people of all heights.


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