Mundal Metal 5 Compartment Tool Box


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● Place specific tools at specific spaces with this multi compartment tool box. It has five different compartments to organise your tool kit efficiently. You may personalise each compartment for particular tools and accessories.
● The box is built with a sturdy and ergonomic handle which allows you to carry it around with complete ease. This box also has a higher loading bearing capacity of up to 40Kg. Thus, you can store and carry a huge collection of tools inside it.
● This tool box is extremely durable. It is constructed using heavy duty iron sheets. The bare weight of just the tool box is around 5Kg. It can withstand heavy duty usage and is built to last under different working conditions.
● The tool box is suitable for both household and professional use. It is designed elegantly with multiple moving hinges that extend and retract to make it easy to organise your tool kit.


3 in stock

Power Tool box is tough, sturdy and spacious solution for storing all your tools, accessories and components. This all-metal tool chest has multiple compartments for organising all your tools in one place and preventing them from being misplaced or lost. It has ample storage space and is built to endure long term usage.

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