PARRY’S Outdoor String Light with LED Bulbs for Outdoor Lights (8 Meters)


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● Shatterproof : Plastic material bulbs won’t break if dropped. These approved string lights have been tested to ensure your safety.
● String Lights : Compatible with dimmer perfectly to deeming the brightness to create a perfect warm and soft lights atmosphere.
● Charming Ambient : Adds the perfect ambient light style to outdoor environments. Ideal for holiday parties, wedding, friends gathering, events and more.
● Home Decor : Light string shines with a warm glow to create an inviting atmosphere and are the perfect addition to your backyard, patio, or garden.
● Durable : Durable style bulbs are impact-resistant and won’t break if dropped, stepped on or blown around in the wind.


3 in stock

PARRY’S Outdoor String Light with LED Bulbs for Outdoor Lights (8 Meters) PARRY’S Outdoor light strings white or white cord patio string lights is really a wonder idea to brighten up your outdoor spaces. As long as you unleash your imaginations, outdoor string lights are also ideal to personalise your outdoor living space.Most important is they are inexpensive and can be installed easily by yourself. Patio string lights illuminate the backyard and patio, transforming any outdoor space into a lively setting for entertaining, dining, and relaxing.With a bit of planning and a little thought placed into how you will hang your white string lights, you can create an outdoor living space that you will enjoy from day to night!

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