Phobia 1222 Festival Decorative – LED Tealight Candles (White, 24 Pcs)


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● CREATE AMBIENCE The warm White flameless LED tea lights candles flicker and provide the effect of an actual candle, Flameless Candles to Create a Warm Ambiance, perfect for decorating weddings, parties, gardens, patios, decks, restaurants, lanterns, kids projects, centerpieces etc.
● Gives you all the look, feel and style of a beautiful tea light, but without all the mess or heavy scents. Creating a warm, relaxing ambiance for a bedroom, living space.
● Decorative Bright Candle Light, Flickering Bulb Battery Operated Flameless LED Tea Light for Seasonal & Festival Celebration
● We hand-craft each LED tea light to replicate the look & flicker of a real candle. Don’t be surprised when your visitors won’t be able to tell the difference and try to blow them out.
● SAFE & NO FIRE RISK,NO HASSLE & NO MESS – The battery tea lights candles can be used in bedrooms, lounges, dens, bathrooms, etc. Absolutely no flameless; no dripping wax, no smoke, no matches.


3 in stock

Kitchen  Stainless Steel Peeling Knife 

Kitchen gadget tool to enhance productivity and efficiency. A perfect tool for cutting of vegetable and fruit without any finger cuts. Two sided razor sharp blades helps to chop all vegetables in shapes and sizes of your choice. A tray for rinsing of vegetables before cooking. Easy to use and easy to clean.

Pure Stainless Steel to peeler soft or harder outer veg. for all types of vegetables and Fruits Best in comfort to Grip Potato eye remover. Trim off the skins of fruits and vegetables with this peeler that makes it Ideal for all types of vegetables and fruits. Versatile and multifunctional as it can be used for Potato, Sweet Potato, Cucumber, Apple, Mango, Carrot, papaya. very convenient in use and compact, very convenient in use and less compact in terms of use while being compact in size, It can be Excellent gift for your beloved ones, Manufactured from high quality Food grade plastic materials, Truly an excellent Kitchen Item Stylish Look, Safe to be washed in your dishwasher, Easy to use, clean and carry.

Peels Easy and Save Time

Ultra-sharp wide swivel blade can maintain minimal resistance when peeling, and perfect fit the fruit or vegetable skin,won’t clog with peels, save both time and labor!


Perfect for larger tougher skinned vegetables like Squash

Very fast everyday peeler

Comfort rubber grip strips

Highly developed larger blade with custom grind angle

Angle the blade to adjust the thickness of peel as required

Dishwasher Safe

Food Safe

BPA Free.