UCRAVO Nano Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty – Multipurpose Removable Traceless Mounting Adhesive Tape for Walls´╝îWashable Reusable Strong Sticky Strips Gel Grip Tape


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ÔŚĆ ŃÇÉEASY TO USE & REMOVABLEŃÇĹThe length of this double-sided tape is 10FT, 1.18inches wide and 0.08 inches thick,you can easily cut the nano tape to any size you need. Very easy to remove and leave no residue. Note: To avoid the possible damage, we don’t recommed using this tape on easily damaged surfaces.
ÔŚĆ ŃÇÉWASHABLE & REUSABLE & TRACELESSŃÇĹThis nano gel tape can be used repeatedly,and its material is washable.When it gets dirty, wash it with warm water,and dry it,The tape will regain its stickiness.If you want to remove the tape, slowly tear it from the surface,no traces will be left on the surface of the object.
ÔŚĆ ŃÇÉSTRONG VISCOSITYŃÇĹThe adhesive tape USES new nanotechnology and environmentally friendly materials. It is sturdy and durable but can easily be stretched and recycled,the clean and smooth surface holds up to 1 KG (2.2 LBS).
ÔŚĆ ŃÇÉMULTIPURPOSE ADHESIVE TAPEŃÇĹThis double-sided adhesive tape can be used to paste all kinds of objects, such as picture frames,ornaments,carpets,kitchen hooks,mobile phone holders, wall stickers. So u can use it in your home,office,outdoor and so on.
ÔŚĆ ŃÇÉ2020 UPGRADE NANO TAPEŃÇĹThis sticky mounting tape can solve problems of placing items in the home or Outdoor, provides more convenience to your life.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the product, we’ll reply to you within 24 hours and help you solve the problem.


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Product Description

tape use

More advanced Material of Nano Tape

UCRAVO nanomaterial ÔÇô is widely used in various applications for its many advantageous properties such as nano tape, transparent glass, appliances, medical technologies, and other uses. It is also used for coating provides outstanding stability against environmental conditions with reduced emission of wall paint volatile organic compounds.

This UCRAVO transparent tape has light transmittance comparable to glass, and UCRAVO nano tape is better than other nano sticky tape materials in security, tensile strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, transparency, stickiness.

In addition, the material is very different from other tape in safety, it is more friendly to the human body, so it’s safer in a closed indoor environment.

Longer length

removal tape


Longer length

You have enough length to stick stuff. It is important that you can stick stuff completely and don’t worry job was only half done. Most of all the per inch length is less costly than another nano tape.

Removeable and Traceless

Through new nanotechnology and adaptable material, it can hold on most surfaces. The double-sided traceless adhesive tape is easy to remove and will not damage surfaces and no residue. It’s not like glue or another adhesive tape that is difficult to remove. Here you don’t need to spend any time cleaning these.

Washable and Reusable

When you want to reuse tape, wash it and made it dry naturally, It still can work. The more you use it, it’s less sticky. If you can’t make it sticky again, cutting fresh tape and sticking it to the object. It doesn’t have unlimited usage


Easily stick firmly

For a light object, we just press it on the tape and it will stick. At the moment of contact, it can produce viscosity very quickly, so nanoparticles act on the object at once. The internal structure of nano tape is also more stable than ordinary tape, so it is easier to clean. Besides, flat objects are more stable than curved objects. An object’s surface with some friction is more stable. For heavy and large objects, increasing the number of tapes to make the surface of the object contact with more tape, which makes objects more stable.

It can hold to 0 lbs-20 lbs by increasing the number of tapes.



1. Clean objects and walls surface before use.

2. Don’t touch the tape directly by hand, stick it on the object and cut it because the dust on your hands will cover its surface.

3. Don’t use on a too smooth or rough surface, the nano tape will slip off easily.

4. Use a small piece to test the surface material whether is easy to fall off before really use. This test can verify easily whether a surface is suitable for this tape.

5. Press it with a powerful last for 3 minutes for heavy items.

6. If you tear off the adhesive tape completely and don’t want to waste it, trying to wash it and sticking lightweight items. But If it doesn’t stick, cutting the fresh tape from a tape roll.

surface use

Application of UCRAVO tape

It can be used for stick whether a plane or a vertical plane in outdoor and indoor. The utility nano tape double side can be used extensively for the furniture, office supplies and craft and so on. This nano tape is waterproof, so don’t be worried about being affected by rain outdoor.